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Annie and Nick Community update!

Random Annie and Nick stuff...

Nick is in Berkeley!

Annie is still in Arizona!

Nick still likes black! A lot!

Annie cut her hair! No more two foot long hair! And it's curly!

Nick has fish named Edgar! ........isn't it stupid!

The drum set Nick gave Annie is now complete with Cymbals!

Nick wants to learn piano!

New discovered band by Nick with Annie and Nick approval! They are called "The Coffin Shakers". Very good band indeed. Go check them out! Bitch!

Lindsay is the Pope! Woo!

Annie might buy an electric guitar soon!

Nick answers the phone all day! For a job! At a bank! In California!

Annie is still a midget! ......isn't it stupid!

Nick likes to draw zombie self portraits!

Annie is running out of ideas!

The End!

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